Tea and Coffee Fountain

We have noticed that something that seems as  uncomplicated as to provide  tea and coffee to your  staff on a daily basis can lead to a wide spreading task of stocking supplies with nobody taking the responsibility of keeping book of how much is used and how much is abused.

“A company is people … employees want to know… am I being listened to or am I a cog in the wheel? People really need to feel wanted.” - Richard Branson

Low Budget Cleaning will create and furnish a Coffee & Tea Fountain with all the necessary condiments, urn and canisters to create a friendly space for your staff to take a break.  We ensure that the urn is always in a working condition and cleaned regularly (including de-scaling) and once again the service will be an ongoing even in the event when breakages appear we supply substitute appliances or replace appliances.  We maintain the Coffee & Tea Fountain area by servicing the availability of the   consumables throughout the day and guarantee a neat appearance at all times.

We go the extra mile to meet the specific preferences in coffee brands that you prefer as well as condiments preferences when it comes to fresh milk, long life milk, coffee creamers etc.