Full time  / Permanent cleaner(s)

  • This is our most cost effective and popular option with our current clients.
  • Permanent cleaner 5 - 7 days a week in shifts form 6 am to p.m.
  • We provide an ongoing service, meaning a relief cleaner will always be available when our permanent staff go on leave or when staff are absent;
  • We ensure a replacement will be available immediately;
  • Our hours are from 6 am up until 8 pm weekly, with a night-shift option available;
  • We supply all equipment including vacuum cleaners, brushware as well as all related chemicals;
  • We attend to your outdoor facilities as well as the cleaning of all windows (within 2m height – High-rise options available as an additional service).
  • We supply all toilet paper, handtowels, etc.
  • Low Budget Cleaning takes on the entire human resources function from start to finish, including advertising and recruiting for positions, managing staff, and remunerating them via our own payroll system. 
  • This will have a direct effect on your payroll and administration, by freeing up your time to focus on your core business.
  • The staff is employed by us Low Budget Cleaning, which saves you, the Employer time and effort in managing additional staff, administration and maintaining their payroll, hours and queries.  
  • UIF, PAYE etc. will all be taken care of by Low Budget Cleaning.
  • Problems or queries regarding non-performance of duties will all be managed by us, including disciplinary hearings, CCMA cases, etc.

We oversee service delivery to each and every client with on-site management to our client’s requests quickly and efficiently. We work with a relationship driven approach to maintain a long term contract with each and every client that will enhance your office space.   With our slogan,Hygiene promotes health being what we strive for, Low Budget Cleaning will assess the office space and propose a cleaning solution streamlined for your needs.