Add-on Services

Subject to entering into any ONE of our main contracts either Cleaning or Tea & Coffee Fountain we have the following Add on services available to make life easier.

Water Dispensers & Refill Services

You will have the option to buy / rent your own water dispensers with the bottles and we will be responsible for the refilling of your bottles as often as need be.

Pool & Garden Services

More and more “Home-offices” are being utilised, and in many instances these “offices” also contains a garden and / pool that needs to be maintained.  We are ready and available to offer outstanding garden and pool services simultaneous to your other cleaning, Coffee & Tea services.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

With our on-site manager visiting your offices on a daily basis, we are able to offer the convenience of a Dry Cleaning / Laundry service whereby we will pick up and deliver your laundry / dry cleaning.  Saving everybody that well-deserved lunch break that you can spend the way you should and not having to drive around sorting out your dry-cleaning / laundry.